Commissioned Work

I paint what you want me to!

Are you looking for a unique painting for your home? A special design? A certain size? In personalized colours?
Then maybe I can help with that! Beside the Identity paintings I also offer regular commissioned work.

I can do a portrait of your favourite person or pet … or a certain scene, composition or landscape.
The possibilities are endless. 

Let’s dream together and let me create a unique piece for you that you will really enjoy! 


“With a remarkable sense of understanding and an astute attention to detail, Sylvia has captured the very essence of our precious rescue dog.  Having been tossed aside as a pup, Angel lives each day yearning for assurance that she will not be forgotten.  You can see this longing in her eyes, alongside her notable lopsided ear, a distinct marker that she is our special girl.  Her portrait reminds us of the power and the healing that comes through connection – for us and for those we love!  Thank you, Sylvia, for this engaging and inspirational work of art.”

Joy Young, USA

“Thank you so much for doing this, Sylvia. I have never had anyone paint me. I’m not always photogenic and don’t usually like pictures of myself but this is awesome! You truly have captured the expression in my horses’ eye that is visible and your painting gives me the same feeling I got when it was taken. You really do have a great talent!!”

Angela Naish, USA

Prices start at 200,00 € for a small painting.
Costs generally vary according to size, used mediums and number of subjects. 
Oil paintings are more expensive than acrylic or watercolor paintings and they take some time to dry.

How it works?
The process is fairly easy. Simply contact me via e-mail ( or through Facebook or Instagram and let me know about the painting you would like to have. We can then work out the details of the design, the colours, the size and the materials and I will make you an offer. Once we agree I kindly ask you for a deposit. After I finished your painting (please allow at least three weeks for the painting process) I will contact you so you can pick it up or I will send it to you (shipping fees have to be added to the endprice)

„With this beautiful painting a big wish of mine came true. All my guinea pigs united. Now I can look at them every day and remember them. I am incredibly grateful to you for this painting.“

Anna Starke, Germany

“I grew up in a big family and because of that it was rare for any of us siblings to receive any individual comments like “you’re beautiful!” My parents were just trying to make sure we were fed, clothed and survived at the end of each day. This had a huge impact on how I viewed myself so even when I received comments from people like “You’re beautiful” or “You should model” I could never believe or receive it. The only thing I ever believed about myself was “I am unattractive”. Before Sylvia made this beautiful painting, I felt led to pray that God would help me to see that I am beautiful. That same day, I went to get a full-body massage and stared at myself in disappointment as I glanced at the full-body length mirror. I felt like my self-esteem had all vanished. When I got home I got a message from Sylvia that she was going to paint me and I was totally blown away. When I saw the face she was painting, I could finally see that it was actually quite beautiful! And my prayer was answered that day. Truly, this was one of the most beautiful things that’s ever happened to me. Thank you Sylvia, for taking the time to paint me and for doing such an incredible job! Should those thoughts of low self-esteem ever come back again, I only need to look at this paining to be reminded of the beauty I actually have!”

Sarai, Japan

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