Upcoming and current exhibitions:

Since February 2024 permanent exhibition in Hotel Seehof in Meersburg

15h and 16th of June 2024 ~ Bamboo meets Art


After being faced with the Corona pandemic soon after founding her art business in January 2020, Sylvia realized that she couldn’t exhibit her art as she had planned to. So interestingly, first sales were done internationally through publishing her paintings on social media. But after shipping her originals and prints to locations in North America, Asia and various countries in Europe she hoped to also become known in her home country Germany. Therefore, as soon as Covid restrictions loosened, she was part of the first Bamboo meets Art in July 2021 where 20 other national and international artists showed their work. The great success in this beautiful location made it easy for the artists to decide that this should be a regular event from now on. For the second Bamboo meets Art in June 2022 Sylvia was Co-organizer and also designed the poster, pamphlet and newspaper advertisement.

In September 2021 Sylvia helped the owner of dance & fit, Sabine Haggenmüller, with the interior design of the dressing and washroom of her new fitness studio, where now and an original painting and eleven of her art prints can be found. Members and guests are also able to purchase her postcards.

From May till August 2022 on you can also find a selected choice of her original artwork, prints and postcards in the newly opened Café Anhängsl.

Past exhibitions:

24th and 25th of July 2021 ~ Bamboo meets Art

Since September 2021 ~ permanent exhibition in dance & fit Überlingen

25th and 26th of June 2022 ~ Bamboo meets Art

16th of July 2022 ~ Open House in Singen (Bohlingen)

1st of May till 20th of August 2022 ~ Exhibition in Anhängsl Neufrach

16th of September till 9th of October 2022 ~ see (h) arte (2nd international Art exhibition) in Radolfzell

14th of October 2022 till 14th of January 2023 ~ KKH 1. OG Seemaxx in Radolfzell

24th and 25th of June 2023 ~ Bamboo meets Art

21 + 22th July 2023 ~ DANCE meets ART ~ Solo exhibition in co-operation with dance & fit Überlingen

2022 Anhaengsl
2021 DaF
2021 BmA
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