About the artist:

Sylvia Wols is a contemporary painting artist, based at the beautiful Lake of Constance in Southern Germany. She likes to combine realistic details with her unique abstract style that invites the viewer to revisit each piece and enables them to discover new secrets each time.

Prior to graduating in art back in 1994 she got a theoretical and practical training of the last 200 years of art history of the last millennium. After life took her a different career path for the next 25 years she found her way back to her passion at the end of 2019.

Starting out with her favourite medium (acrylic paint) she added new skills through experimenting with pouring techniques, water color and mixed media. She likes to paint nature, especially flowers and landscapes and highlights some of them with oil paint or metallic colours that make them sparkle in certain lighting conditions.

Over time she also developed a passion for PORTRAIT PAINTING, especially of animals. Again she combines strong details, especially around the eyes, with more loose and abstract brush strokes.

The part of her business that is very dear to her heart are her IDENTITY PAINTINGS. They are meant to display the uniqueness of the owner and are the most personal piece of art one can own. Interested? Check out this section and find out how also you can be one who soon owns their very unique IDENTITY PAINTING.

Painting in my studio
1994 Artig Ausstellung

Sylvia next to some of her paintings that were displayed at the first exhibition she was a part of after graduating in art.

Artig Exhibition
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