Here I offer exclusive gifts at affordable prices. 

International buyers:
Please contact me before purchasing. Due to Covid shipping options into certain countries are restricted at the moment!

Prints are available in different sizes on canvas, alu-dibond, acryl glass, magnofix or paper.
Some are designed with messages or Bible verses. 

Please visit the Gift-Shop to find out more. If you are interested in a print that is out of stock please contact me at

Enjoy your favourite drink in one of my designed mugs. You can choose between a regular or magical mug. In the magical mug my painting appears when you pour in hot liquid. 

High quality velvet cushions with art-print consisting of a 40 x 40 cm (~ 16 x 16″) pillow-case + seperate pillow. 

If you are interested in any other motive from my collection please contact me at 

These stones are handpicked, handwashed and individually painted with love. Each stone carries my signature at the reverse side. 

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