Pictures inspired by nature and the beauty of God’s creation.

Nature has always fascinated me. The detailed features of a flower are mindblowing and the endless variety of shapes and colours just spark my immagination and creativity. The same goes for trees.

And then there are certain animals I will always go back to because their uniqueness symbolizes different aspects of life and portrait parts of our dreams and aspirations. 
Horses stand for elegance and power.
Hummingbirds for being mesmerizing and special.
And all kind of African wildlife as they give us a sense of adventure. 

When I think of going on vacations I think of endless beaches, listening to the waves rolling to the shores, climping a mountain enjoying a bird’s-eye view or exploring another country through a road trip. 

Looking into wide open space where the fascination is not in the detail but the overall view and the mood of the moment is created by weather conditions and the time of the day. The change of lighting on the surface of water or in the sky create the best pictures. 

I am lucky to be living at the beautiful Lake of Constance. Walks or bike rides alongside the lake still make me stop in awe and after 20 years I take as many pictures as on the first day. 

Creating expressionistic paintings has always been my favourite thing. I enjoy seeing how the colours blend and interact on canvas and often I have only a vague idea about how I want the painting to turn out. 

I use brushes, spatulas, sponges or my hands and watch how the colours do their magic. 
Learning how to do acrylic pourings has it’s own fascination as you have even less control over the outcome. 



For a long time I was almost scared to even try painting people or animals due to some failures in the past. But I was more and more intrigued by it and once I digged deaper into the techniques and gained some skills through practice I started to really enjoy the process.
I like to emphasize the eyes which are the window to the soul and once they are done every painting comes alive. I intentionally loosen my brushstroke on the areas of the rest of the body and the backgound which automatically draws the viewer’s attention to the face.

Most of my portrait paintings are commissions which is why you don’t find them in my Shop. Please check out the conditions for COMMISSIONED WORK here.  

Based on some of my paintings I designed prints with verses from the Bible. Those prints are available in various sizes. 

Please visit the Gift-Shop to find out more. If you are interested in a print that is out of stock please contact me at

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