Identity Painting

The Painting that represents YOU!

Already in the very early stages, long before I launched my business, I had it on my heart to create paintings that express the identity of the owner. This became even clearer when I thought about designing my logo. I really love crowns. During the process of creating my logo, I realized that the letters can be embedded in the crown which made my logo become so much more meaningful. I don’t know if you ever thought about why I sign every painting with this crown but here I show you how it is put together: SYLVi WOLS

And once my logo was done, I started to think about some friends of mine and what it would take to create their very own Identity Painting. What would I need to know about them before producing their Identity Painting? How could I include their names, hobbies, favorite colors, passions and gifts? Would they prefer a realistic painting or rather abstract art?

To get into the flow I started with one particular friend. I wanted to gift her a painting for her new home.
I know her style, what she likes, her hobbies, her favorite color… and began experimenting with different ways to reflect her identity.  That process took quite some time and numerous attempts before I was happy with how I had captured her identity on canvas. I was confident that she would like it but on the day I presented it to her I was still nervous. I was relieved to discover that I didn’t have to be. She absolutely loved it! And I felt very encouraged.

Even with people that I know very well, I need to gather other bits of information that doesn’t always come up in our day to day relationship. So, to be able to create the most personalized Identity Painting possible for you, I ask you to answer the questions in my questionnaire. Please be as detailed as you can. The more detail you can provide the better I can serve you.

Questionnaire EN
Fragebogen DE

After I receive your questionnaire, I will contact you to set a date for a meeting. This can happen via Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, in person, … During this time, we can go over your answers and discuss the details. Once we agree and you picked a size, I kindly ask you for a deposit. After that I will get to work. Know that I will put my whole heart into your painting. My deep desire is that it will make you smile every time you look at it.

 You were uniquely designed. – I will create an Identity Painting that reflects that uniqueness


“This painting reflects my life’s greatest pursuit.  Here I am the happiest!
Thank you Sylvia for being transparent and hearing the Father’s voice while creating this identity painting. 
You have a gift that transfers specifics from the Father on to paper with color and accuracy. Forever grateful for this.”  

Mark Madera, USA

“Hello, Sylvia,
Thank you for my identity painting! It opened my eyes to a new perspective of my life and ministry. It reflects your deep understanding of me, and I feel deeply known.
I’ve been in the process of reinventing myself and my ministry. The identity painting helped me to sharpen my vision of next steps in ministry. Words are inadequate to describe the impact your gift has and is having on me.
As a psychologist I can say that your pre-painting process is effective and well designed. Completing your questionnaire and having an interview with you unearthed new insights about myself. I wish I could have been inside your head as you applied your creative gift to the information you gathered from me and developed the concept for my painting.”

Dr. Ron Young, USA

Identity Painting Ron

Costs vary according to size and materials. 

If length+width is < 50 then: (length+width) x 2 + 30% + 150.00 € =  final price
If length+width is between 50 and under 80 then: (length+width) x 2 + 40% + 150.00 € =  final price
If length+width is between 80 and under 110 : (length+width) x 2 + 60% + 150.00 € =  final price
If length+width is between 110 and under 140 : (length+width) x 2 + 80% + 150.00 € =  final price
If length+width is between 140 and under 200 : (length+width) x 2 + 100% + 150.00 € =  final price
If length+width is between 200 and under 240 : (length+width) x 2 + 120% + 150.00 € =  final price

For a painting size 50 x 50 cm the price is: 470.00 €

If you want the painting to include pouring technique, gesso, modelling paste, sand, stones, etc. an additional amount between 50 and 100 € has to be added to the final price.

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